Nitric Oxide Review – My First Experiences

I consider myself a supplement skeptic. I don’t go for hype, I don’t believe what I read in magazines and I am the first person to write off a new supplement when it comes onto the market.

Written by: Matthew Shepherd

I consider myself a supplement skeptic. I don’t go for hype, I don’t believe what I read in magazines and I am the first person to write off a new supplement when it comes onto the market. Today I’m going to write about my experiences with nitric oxide supplements, in particular, Gaspari Nutrition’s Superpump MAX.

My Background:

I have been training seriously for 5 years. I started at a very skinny 118 pounds, and now weigh in at 198 pounds with 11% bodyfat. Over the years I’ve tried different types of supplements, but found I’ve gained the most from sticking to what I think are the essentials:

I believe in solid training and diet to achieve weight gain and muscle growth. Supplements just help you get that little bit further than your diet can take you.


My Experience With Gaspari’s Superpump MAX:

When I first heard about nitric oxide from a friend in the gym, I wrote it straight off. Too good to be true, waste of money. For years I didn’t bother buying it even though most of the people I trained with were using it, or cycling it.

It was my current training partner, and many hours of reading and research that finally convinced me to give it a shot. I chose SuperPump MAX simply because it was what my friends had success and experience with, and the product that had the best reviews online. I generally take reviews with a pinch of salt, but there were not many negative ones on SuperPump so it was worth a shot.

One of the things with nitric oxide, is you need to test your tolerance to it. The first time I took it, I chose the minimum dose, 1 scoop. I was surprised at how much of a kick it gave me after about 20mins. I felt energized and focused on my workout. It was shoulders and triceps day, and the “pumps” I experienced during my workout were pretty much on par with usual. So first time, good energy boost and no real pump difference.

Day two, I doubled my dosage to 2 scoops. Double the energy boost this time, felt like I was bouncing off the walls too be honest! I was itching to get in the gym. It was back and biceps day, so i was looking forward to getting some heavy bicep pumps. I got them. I had never felt pumps like this before. After each set, I was flexing my biceps in and out to push blood in and the pump was huge and my veins were popping out!

I pretty much leveled off at that dosage. That gave me enough pump and enough energy to satisfy my needs. I also took one scoop on non-training days as instructed on the label. Three weeks went by and I was getting solid results. What I was noticing though, that the pumps and energy boosts were not as high as when I started. It seemed like my body was getting used to having it.

So I consulted my a friend of mine who was a seasoned SuperPump user and he have me a few pointers.

  1. Cycle nitric oxide supplements, 3 weeks on 2 off
  2. Don’t take it on non-training days

So for the next few weeks I went off it. When I started back on after 2 weeks the effects were just like when I very first started. That was the key to taking nitric oxide, cycling and training days only.

Six months later, I’ve had some real solid results using nitric oxide supplements. I have been using it on training days only, and maximum of 3 weeks on at a time. This means I am not getting used to it and see consistent results. This is the way I recommend taking it to others. Don’t follow some of the instructions on the label, there’s nothing to gain by taking it on non training days. That’s my opinion from my experiences anyway.


Nitric oxide is not for everyone, I know that. There are people that try it and don’t get a lot from it. I tried it, I benefited, but the effects wore off. I then switched up the way I took it, stopped taking it on training days, and I’ve had some long lasting benefits. If you’re considering trying it, I say give it a shot.

Good luck with your training, keep focused to reach your goals!

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